I have my degree (1996) and PhD (2006)

from the University of Oslo, dept. of

Psychology and started my private

practice in 1998

Having grown up in Norway, USA (East coast) and Hong Kong, travelling between the ages of 8 and 15 and know

quite a bit about the special challenges that go along with the exposure to two or more culturesduring the formative years. There are advantages, such as social flexibility, tolerance and an enhanced perspective on norms, roles and standards, and disadvantages such as feelings of not belonging anywhere and unresolved

grief at the loss of family, friends and familiar environments

I am an active painter with a four year education from the Oslo National Academy of the Arts

(Khio), where I studied painting

My PhD comprises both of my fields, with studies of the effects on cogniton of working with models in artwork. In the last 8 years I have lectured at Khio as well as doing a yearly one-day seminar on how psychology can enhance and protect the creative process